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Support Candlelight Plaza with Annual Dues

Candlelight Plaza residents are asked to voluntarily pay annual Civic Club dues. For our new neighbors and those long-time residents who may need a reminder, your $50.00 dues payment helps create the outstanding neighborhood we all call home. The Candlelight Plaza Civic Club is comprised of residents who generously volunteer their time and talents to help preserve the quality of life we’ve come to enjoy. While our association is volunteer-run, it does take money to make some things happen.

2021 CPCC Dues & Constable Support
$312.25 + $9.64 Paypal Online Fees

Annual Auto-Rebill Option

One-Time Payment Option

2021 CPCC Dues Only
$50.00 + $1.90 Paypal Online Fees

Annual Auto-Rebill Option

2020 One Time Payment Option

Mail & Drop-Off Option