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Candlelight Plaza is a lovely and ideal place to live inside the Central Northwest Super Neighborhood 12!  The Candlelight Plaza Civic Club (CPCC) represents the fabulous neighbors residing in a quiet neighborhood located north of 610 Loop off Ella Boulevard in Houston, Texas. Our neighborhood is known for its cul-de-sacs, tree-lined streets and holiday lights.

CPCC is a very active group of volunteers who have come together to serve our neighborhood while developing a sense of community within our streets.  We offer a variety of social events such as Summer Bash, National Night Out and Chili Cook Off as well as our three general meetings each year where residents learn about what’s happening in the neighborhood.  Our civic club works tirelessly to ensure the community’s voice is heard and responds to needs as they develop.  We encourage you to become involved in the community, meet your neighbors and take advantage of the many services/events provided.

Our neighborhood is under contract with Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable Precinct 1 ,for neighborhood patrol.  In addition to two dedicated deputies patrolling our neighborhood, the contract provides vacation watch and crime alerts.

Civic club dues cover the costs for mosquito fogging; maintenance, lighting and water at our entrances; our social activities; and printing of the Directory and our monthly newsletter, The Candlegram.

Deed Restrictions


Number of homes: 306
HISD zoned schools: Durham Elementary School, Black Middle School, Waltrip High School

Officers & Chairs

President: Cyndi Moore
1st Vice President: Candace Helstrom
2nd Vice President: Dorothy Vetrano
Treasurer: Bruce Haupt
Secretary: Paige Ochterbeck

Area I: Paul Witkowski, HELP NEEDED
Area II : Andrew Johnson, Heather Hanrahan
Area III: Craig Taylor, Josh & Meeghan Keng, Doug Payne
Area IV: Bob Alban, Shana Gerosa

Greetings & Benevolence: Kal Massad
Improvements & Beautification: Becky Marshall
Restrictions & Grievance: Susan Fitzpatrick
Community Partnership: Chris Ochterbeck
Historian: Susan Fitzpatrick
Membership: Mike Harryman
Security: Will Cook
Social: Danny Cannon
Holiday: Heidi Skiff
Publicity 1 (Website): Chris Ochterbeck
Publicity 2 (Candlegram):

General Meeting Minutes


History of the Holiday Candles
Recently, my curiosity was peeked as to how the custom of placing candles in our yards came about. My research lead me to visit with JoAnn Thompson who stated that she and her husband, Jack, came up with the idea back in 1985. Along with neighbors Red and Helen Donaghe, Tom and Evelyn Shupack, the Whitterhokes, these residents made the first candles. They decorated their homes by placing the candles with spotlights shining on them in the right side of their yards. Their sidewalks were lined with white cups and red lights and candles were placed in their windows. The Thompsons would dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and their children wore elves costumes and walked the around the yards.

Soon other neighbors were following these few residents’ examples and decorating their homes in the same manner and Candlelight Plaza was being acknowledged as “the area” to see. During the nights preceding Christmas, the Thompsons clocked up to 350 cars per hour which came through the neighborhood to see the lights and yard decorations. There was so much traffic at one time, that police were needed to direct it. What a beautiful sight that must have been. – By Susan Fitzpatrick
City of Houston Landscaping Award
​On March 4, 1985, over 30 years ago, Candlelight Plaza Civic Club was presented with the City of Houston’s Landscaping Award. This was and still is quite an honor. Had it not been for the diligent recordkeeping by longtime Candlelight Plaza resident and former Civic Club president Tiny Albert, this part of our history would be lost.  – By Susan Fitzpatrick